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Van Lock Installations

At Wellsecure Locksmiths we continue to strive to develop and evolve and are now able to offer additional security to your van. While we are not auto locksmiths and will not interfere with the auto locking system that may already exist we can fit additional locks, key alike, to give your belongings that added sense of security. Theft from vans is a constant threat so what better way to secure your property that getting us to fit an additional but also separate lock to the ones supplied with the vehicle. 

We can supply and fit multiple locks all on the same key for multiple vans as well should you wish. As well as this, each lock/key comes with its own registration number so locks/keys can be added in the future to work from that same key.

We feel this is a must for any tradesman or any van owner given the threats of door prying and electronic hacking. Discreet but also visible enough to be noticed by any thief looking for their next easy victim.

Please feel free to contact us via the contact tab, email or call us/whatsapp on 07984314220 to receive a quick estimate or fixed quote.

Van Lock Install.jpg
Van Lock Install Sliding Door.jpg
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