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UPVC Repairs

It is highly uncommon for your UPVC door or window lock to just suddenly fail. Usually the failure is a process that starts off as the locking/unlocking operation is a little bit stiff, before gradually over time requiring more and more force and before you know it, the mechanism has broken.

UPVC locks can be repaired/adjusted and maintained. The stiff operation you may witness is your locking mechanisms cry for help, that it needs some TLC.

Here at Wellsecure Locksmiths Ltd we can adjust the door hinges, locking mechanism, window locks, as well as replacing if needs be locking mechanisms, handles, and window friction stays.

UPVC door or multi point lock have become extremely popular over the past decade, but it is only over the past few that they have been made more difficult to manipulate. If you feel your lock might be vulnerable or is over 5 years old it may be worth speaking with us to see what easy adaptations could be made to make your premises not only secure, but Wellsecure.

If you feel we maybe able to assist you or you would just like some advice please do not hesitate to contact us on 07984314220 / 01664 823 907 or email us @

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