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Aluminium Door Locks & Closers

Aluminium doors are on the rise across Britain and therefore also will need servicing and repairing. Unlike wooden and UPVC doors the untrained 'locksmith' is less likely to attempt a repair of a slamming aluminium door, or be able to offer to fit you an additional lock within your door.


Fortunately here at Wellsecure Locksmiths Ltd we can provide this service. We can replace faulty door closers or change door closers to operate in a way that suits you (hold open/always close). We can fit additional locks to your aluminium door to make it twice or even three times as secure. We can change the functionality of the locks should you wish, from hook/deadbolts to latches and vice versa.

Along with these services we can still offer the traditional services as well such as repairing/replacing problematic locks, keying alike cylinders or even cutting extra keys/sourcing restricted keys for you.

If you would like some advice or discuss an issue your having please do not hestitate to get in touch with us at or phone 07984314220 / 01664 823907.

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