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Master Suites

All commercial sites must have a functional master suite. The time saved in the long run, trying to find the random key on the bunch, begins to repay the investment as soon as it is installed. That is not even including when you can not even find the key and need to call a locksmith out to let you in.

A working, purpose designed master suite can allow you to regain control of who has keys for what rooms, while also restricting the user from making further duplications of the key. As well as offering an open profile master suite, we can offer and restricted master suite meaning every time someone would like to get an additional key cut. It has to go back through to you to authorise it.

At Wellsecure Locksmiths we have over 10 years experience in designing, installing, adjusting, expanding and even physically building up each independent lock for a master suite.

If you have an existing master suite or would like to explore the option of one we are here to answer your call  on 07984314220 / 01664 823 907 or email us at

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