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Smart Alarms & Technologies

The world has gone smart technology mad over the past year or two, and the security sector is another to jump on board. In 2018 the smart home security market was worth £1.5 billion. It is predicted that by 2022 it will be worth close to £3.2 billion. (**)

With the ever evolving and developing market you are now able to set/unset an alarm to protect your premises, as well as having a live feed through your smart cctv system (internal and external) which can also relay an audio sound (2 way). These systems on top of the already popular smart door camera operations allowing you speak and see whoever may be at your door.

It is widely acknowledged that the best way to protect your premises and move any wannabe criminal on is to have visual deterrents such as an alarm box ready to unleash a loud and disturbing noise to draw attention to your property. Once triggered an immediate push notification will be sent to you and if you have opted for the cameras/door camera as well you can quickly log in to view any potential dangers while reacting to the activation.

If you wish to discuss what possible option/s maybe best to suit your specific needs, please feel free to get in touch with us to discuss this further. We are available via our email, or phone us on 07984314220 / 01664 823907.
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