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Advice & Tips


If your multi point lock is stiff to lock/unlock in the closed position then the chances are you have an alignment issue. To check, try locking the door in the open position. If it locks freely it is definitely an alignment issue. If it is still stiff then its likely to be more terminal and a new gearbox or multi point strip is likely to be needed.

ABS Ultimate Euro Cylinder.jpg

Improving security to and on UPVC/composite doors or multi point locks is an ever increasing trend. With cylinder security now firmly under the spotlight, the strength of these cylinders has progressed from standard, to 1*, to 3* to now 3* diamond. To check/improve your your security call, email or whatsapp us to make sure your door is not one that can be broken into with 20 seconds... you might be surprised!


Over time a cylinder key can begin to get more difficult to push into a key way. Try giving the key a little squirt of lock lubricant as this can free up sticking pins. This usually occurs on the external side of a cylinder. Alternatively try a different key. If the problem persists feel free to get in touch.


All different doors have different insurance needs. Your first port of call should always be your insurance documents. This will explain what the insurance company require of you to have. Secondly look for the British Standard Kitemark Symbol and check the date matches what your insurance company ask. If your still non the wiser, call us or email us and we can arrange a survey.

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